Spanish Powers of Attorney

My fees for notarising a Spanish Power of Attorney start from £135. There are additional fees for arranging legalisation of documents. Please contact me for further details.

I do not charge VAT. I am able to accept payment by cash or by direct payment to my bank account. I do not accept payment by cheque and I do not have facilities to accept credit/debit card payments.

If you have received a copy of the Power of Attorney by email please forward a copy to me as soon as possible (

If you have received only a “hard” copy in the post it would still be useful for me to have sight of it before our meeting. Please arrange to email a copy to me or send it to me by post to 6 Earls Court, Priory Park East, Henry Boot Way, Hull, HU4 7DY.

Please let me know the full name(s) and address(es) of the person(s) who will be signing the Power of Attorney.

Often Spanish lawyers will prepare the Power of Attorney in two columns, one column in Spanish and the other an English translation. If the Power of Attorney has been prepared only in Spanish, has a translation been provided? If so, please send this to me at the same time as sending the Power of Attorney. If no translation is available I will only be able to notarise the Power of Attorney if I am satisfied that the signatory/signatories fully understand(s) the content of the Power of Attorney.

Each signatory will need to bring to the appointment suitable evidence of their identity. The documents that are acceptable are set out in the “Notes on ID Requirements.” Please note that I will not be able to legalise documents for clients who fail to produce satisfactory evidence of ID.


Once notarised, the Power of Attorney will need to be legalised at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. You can either attend to this yourself, or I can arrange to do it for you. I make an extra charge for this service. If you wish me to deal with legalisation for you please let me know and I will confirm the all inclusive fees.